Mike Helz custom tattoos

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About Us


Mike has been tattooing prfessionally for 17 years.He has worked at Celebrity Tattoo in Colorado, Color the World in Boulder and then moved to the Boston area and worked at Body Extremes in Quincy, Black Diamond in Abington, Stingray Body Art in Allston and is currently at Hourglass Tattoo in Cambridge and Black Diamond Tattoo in Abington.

Who We Are

Mike Helz was born in Dorchester, MA. He started as a graffitti artist in 1991 while still in high school. 

After graduation Mike traveled the east coast   writing graffitti then migrated to Colorado where his graffitti and tattoo skills flourished. 

In 2001 Massachusetts legalized tattooing and Mike came back to his roots to continue his tattoo career.

Mike is currently concentrating his talents on painting murals, tattooing and his amazing family.