Mike Helz custom tattoos

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Welcome to the website of Mike Helz. Mike has been tattooing since the mid 90's out of Boston. His career started as a young graffiti artist in the Boston area in the early 90's. After moving west in search of a tattoo apprenticeship (tattooing was illegal in Massachusetts), Mike moved back to Boston to tattoo at home. Throughout the past 4yrs HELZ has 4 hard cover books, hailing HELZ as an iconic figure in graffiti scene from Boston to Denver. Most notable hard cover book featuring HELZ, is a book out of Brooklyn NY, "SKINGRAFF". SKINGRAFF is the very first published book on the subject of graffiti artists turn tattoo artists. SKINGRAFF features monsters of the industry like, Tattoo SEEN out of the Bronx, Bronx's very own all graffiti tattoo shop, "TUFF CITY TATTOO" featuring CES and MED, also fetured are, MR. CARTOON, MIKE GIANT, and many more legends in the graff world. Tattooing and painting are Mikes passions which still hold true to this day. Mike can be reached for, commissioned  murals, custom canvases, and tattoo work  at, 781-812-9367, between 10am-10pm.

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